n Journal of Educational Studies - Pre-school mathematics intervention curriculum : developing the genesis for future learning of mathematics

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



In South Africa's post-apartheid era, there is growing evidence of an increase in government support for intervention programs, particularly those aimed at preschool education in poor to low-income communities. This study argues that whilst there is consensus with regard to the rationale of implementing an early childhood mathematics intervention curriculum, not much research has focused on the actual constructs of mathematics teaching and the mathematics curriculum at pre-school level, hence not much is known about them. In this study, I also explore, and operationalise through an example, what could constitute a balanced mathematics intervention curriculum for pre-schoolers in poor to low-income communities. Data for this study was collected by analysing video-recorded episodes of pre-schoolers engaged in mathematical activities in a pre-school setting. The findings show that pre-schoolers can be taught and are capable of learning mathematics in a similar way as older children. This study contributes to the body of research knowledge that already exists with regard to pre-school mathematics education, by proposing a structured mathematics intervention curriculum that could be used to develop the informal mathematical knowledge of pre-schoolers from poor to low-income communities who are at risk of failing to cope with future mathematics learning in primary school and high school.

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