n Journal of Educational Studies - Endowing self directed learning in learning environments : interrelated connection between students' environments and self directed preparedness

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



There has been a major focus on redesigning curricula and with this in mind, self-directed learning (SDL) also has also become a more imperative feature within the curriculum, and more emphasis is placed on the effective implementation of SDL within teaching and learning communities (classrooms). The aim of this theoretical article is to present a framework that is intended to create an awareness of the impact of the environment of students on SDL. This proposed framework has the potential to empower students when applying SDL in their learning and to act as guide or source for educators who want to development the SDL skills of students. The questions that provide the focus for this paper are: why do students struggle to deal with SDL and or to be prepared for employing SDL in their studies, and secondly: Which factors (domains) of a student's existence influences his/her preparedness to be an effective self-directed student and if educators ought to accommodate students differences for the effective development of SDL skills? The author will present a collection of her ideas about how SDL can be conceptualised in an educational environment to cultivate and empower students as self-directed students. In South Africa, we are looking for instructive methods that could support students. If SDL is effectively employed by educators, and students'backgrounds/environments are kept in mind, SDL can be seen as the opening of the doors of learning and should not to become a trap in an ever-revolving gate of disappointment and despair. The potentials of the acceptance of this proposed framework includes (a) effective self-directed learning in underprepared SDL student; (b) increase these students, as well as other students in the same learning classroom, self-regulatory and self-directed learning skills, where students can take accountability for their own learning; and (c) an increase in these students' academic, emotional and/or cultural preparedness which can improve the ability and or preparedness to be a self-directed practitioner for life.

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