n Journal of Educational Studies - Lesotho teachers' disciplinary strategies : findings from a sequential mixed method study

Volume 9, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



The aim of this article is twofold, namely to give a broad perspective of Lesotho teachers' disciplinary strategies and provide guidelines on how to address learner misbehaviour. A pragmatic sequential mixed-method design was used to research teachers' disciplinary strategies. Conclusions that were made on the basis of the first phase (i.e. results from a survey completed by 497 teachers), led to the formulation of the questions, data collection, and data analysis for the next phase (in-depth personal interviews with seven teachers). Data from the first phase of the study revealed that the most popular strategy employed by the respondents as a means of maintaining discipline is to come properly prepared to school, followed by positive discipline and discussions or meetings with the parents of the learners. Findings from the second phase of the study show disciplinary strategies are often value driven and that the participants' prefer progressive disciplinary strategies. Yet, corporal punishment is still administered in some Lesotho schools. Recommendations based on the most important findings of the study, are included.

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