oa Jamba : Journal of Disaster Risk Studies - Incorporating HIV/AIDS considerations into vulnerability assessments for disaster risk reduction



Sub-Saharan Africa is stricken by a generalised HIV/AIDS pandemic that will only reach its peak approximately by the year 2022 (Whiteside, 2002:313). As was widely debated during the recent 2001-2003 Southern African Food Security Crisis, the pandemic contributes to vulnerability in various ways (De Waal, And Whiteside, 2003; Harvey, 2004). However, the link between HIV/AIDS and vulnerability in Africa has not yet been explicitly addressed from the perspective of disaster risk reduction (DRR), as opposed to informing post disaster interventions. This paper offers a preliminary investigation of how survey based vulnerability assessments, might be informed by HIV/AIDS considerations, if vulnerability to the effects of natural hazards such as droughts and floods is to be effectively mitigated.


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