oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - L'avenir des evaluations du milieu en psychologie cognitive

Volume 1, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



At the present state of its development, psychological assessment does not satisfactorily serve all the functions (predictive, formative, summative) assigned to it. This results from the fact that its objective has been defined with such narrow-mindedness that the emphasis has been laid only on psychological entities abstracted from environmental contexts. An examination of some researches conducted in Africa and in other countries shows none the less that taking into account environmental factors by psychologists has meant starting an evolution akin to that which the study of behavioural variables themselves exhibit. The main concern is to restore wholeness to psychology (and hence also to psychological assessment). Thus, psychological assessment will consist of two axes: that of behaviour and that of functional context. In any given study, (at first), the two approaches could appear distinct but interdependent, before finding a relationship by means of a correlation approach. The search for other ways by which direct conclusions may be reached is to be encouraged. But we cannot expect remarkable achievements from that in the near future. In every case, the determining of procedures by means of which assessment may be carried out on each axis depends on the level of psychological theory which itself develops from the practice which it makes possible.

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