oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - Female students in Cape Coast/Ghana: a study on the female body image with special regard to the female sex-role and eating disorders

Volume 1, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



The reflection of the female body image in connection with the role of women and eating disorders in another culture than the ""Western"" is the main concern of this' article. There is no doubt that there are connections between the body image, the role of women and eating disorders in the so called ""industrialized countries"". It has been stated, however, that the body shape in ""developing countries"" is a plumper one than that in countries of Central Europe and North America. Furthermore it has been found out that, due to a few epidemiologic surveys, the frequency of eating disorders in ""developing countries"" is, far less, than that in some parts of Europe. In this article I want to reconsider these hypotheses: The chief aim of the study was to find out, differences within the sample (- 237 female students of the University of Cape Coast/Ghana) and with other samples e.g. in Canada as far as body image, eating disorders and the role of women (regarding age, origin etc.) are concerned.

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