oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - L'inflechissement culturel du fonctionnement cognitif dans l'execution des taches psychometriques, le KR26

Volume 1, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



The explanation of the generally low standard test achievements which African individuals get, urge the study of cognitive functioning in psychometric tasks, taking into account the inevitable cultural inflexion of that cognitive functioning. The use of the expression 'cultural inflexion of cognitive functioning"" instead of ""cultural bias"" is first accounted for and then the study itself which deals with an inductive reasoning test, the KR26, is introduced. Two samples of Congolese subjects, contrasted by means of instruction level are compared in that study. The method is based on item behaviour analysis in examining the kinds of errors. This analysis completes the one which is applied to total achievements (by means of the study of correlations and the variance analysis). The results actually show that the most obvious sources of variation of the performances to the KR26 test are culturally interpretable. Other aspects of item behaviour stress on the effect of familiarity to the test material such as the dominoes, and some critical aspects which seem to characterize the cognitive functioning of individuals from Congolese culture: the adaptation to evolutive situations and the use of mental rotation processes.

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