oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - Psychotherapy in South Africa

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



First the contextual factors of psychotherapy (statistics, apartheid, post-apartheid) are outlined. Psychotherapy services are descriptionbed and major problems dealt with are: marital and family problems, mood disorder, anxiety disorder and stress related problems. Psychotherapy orientations are according to their frequency cited in descending' order: (1) psychodynamic, (2) traditional, faith healing and complementary medicine, (3) reconciliation and peace psychotherapy, (4) integrative (western and Cultural/traditional) methods, (5) group psychotherapy, (6) other (hypnotherapy, arts, music therapy), (7) humanistic-existential, (8) integrative (western) methods, (9) family therapy, (10) cognitive behavioural, and (11) child and adolescent psychotherapy. Finally, a new model of psychotherapy training is outlined.

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