oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - Attribution of blame in incest cases among a sample of students and parents in the Limpopo province (South Africa)

Volume 13, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



This study is an investigation into how people attribute blame in incest cases. 200 students from the University of the North, 100 learners from a high school in Dalmada near Pietersburg in the Limpopo Province and 100 of their parents participated in the study. The Jackson Incest Blame Scale was used. Results showed that students blamed situational factors for the occurrence of incest more than parents did. The students tended also to blame victim factors more than parents did. Parents generally blamed offenders more than non-offender factors. Males attribute more blame to victim factors than to nonvictim factors. There was a significant positive' correlation between age and attribution of blame to situational factors. Non-Christians were found to attribute blame to societal factors more than Christians do. Students attribute more blame to victim factors than parents did. The findings in this study indicated a pattern of offender blame avoidance. This could lead to further victimisation of the victims, absolving of the perpetrators of any wrongdoing, and both victims and perpetrators losing the opportunity to get relevant therapy in order to restore normal functioning.

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