oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - Childhood incestuous abuse among high school students in South Africa: prevalence and risk factors.

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



The authors investigated the prevalence and risk factors of childhood incestuous abuse in the Northern Province (South Africa). High School students in Standard 9 and 10 in representative High Schools in the province filled in a retrospective self-rating questionnaire in a classroom setting. Result shows that the overall prevalence is 15.2%. The risk factors are 'dwelling in a village', 'parents are unemployed or labourers', 'highest education of the father is below standard 6', 'natural biological mother was not living with participant until he/she was at least 16 years old', 'participant was leaving in a Group Home before he/she was 16 years old', 'participant did not feel loved or cared for by the parents/step/foster parents before he/she was 8 years old'. We recommend the above risk factors for' proper consideration while planning preventive strategies and campaign against childhood incestuous abuse, and therapy for victims in the province.

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