oa Journal of Psychology in Africa - Scientific psychology in Cameroon

Volume 9, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1433-0237



This study examines scientific psychology in Cameroon, which has a Problem to assert itself, because of the inadequacy of methods and techniques Used for teaching and research. More especially, the direct transplant of western theories and methods, disregard eco-cultural approach by which indigenous knowledge can be integrated in main stream processes. Psychology is a cultural enterprise. We may need to revisit conceptual issues, Methods and measurement tools, including a reflection on the programmes for educating and training psychologists. Until we do this, psychology In Cameroon will not attain its scientific criterion. The absence of Professionalism does result to mediocrity in institutional practices. Drawback in the growth of scientific psychology in Cameroon is also due to the Absence of political will and the wide institutionalisation of the discipline. Equally important is the none commitment of psychologists, some of who prefer ministerial positions that are more lucrative, powerful and prestigious. Other deterrent factors are tribalism and general inertia that obstruct judicious decisions. In addition, there are the absence of psychology laboratories, field experience programmes and staff. Until psychologists behave like professionals in their field, the discipline cannot be recognised and Considered as an instrument for consultations in matters concerning national Development.

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