oa Journal of Education - The impact of postcolonial theory on early childhood education

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-479X



In this paper a key concept in postcolonial theory, an unmasking of the will to power, that essentializes diverse ways of viewing and living in the world, is related to the field of early childhood education. Drawing on the work of such scholars as Young (2001) who suggest that the adopting of an activist position that seeks social transformation is a crucial concept in postcolonial work, this paper briefly reviews the work of various scholars across the globe who have used postcolonial theory in their analyses and reconceptualization of early childhood education. Finally and perhaps most importantly a discussion ensues as to why, despite the powerful nature of the ideas it has to offer, as well as its relevance to the lives of young children, postcolonial thought has had only minimal if any impact on the field of early childhood as an academic discipline and even less on the daily practices of early childhood educators.

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