oa Journal of Education - South Africa s approach to school safety: can it succeed?

Volume 42, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-479X



In 1999, the Department of Education announced the Tirisano-plan for enabling the development of a fully-functioning education and training system in South frica. As a result of this plan the Safe Schools Project was launched in 2000 to create safe disciplined learning environments that �celebrate innocence and value human dignity�. Subsequently, the Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools, were published in the Government Gazette No. 22754 of 12 October 2001 and the Amendment Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools on 10 November 2006. The Safe Schools Project focussed on the development of policies on school safety, the management of drug usage in schools and a national sexual harassment policy. This article examines documents such as acts, government notices, policies, national and international case law to understand concepts such as �a disciplined school� and �safety and security of learners�. Furthermore, the article provides an understanding of the legal issues confronting educators and departmental officials in respect of school discipline and safety. Providing information through policies is but one way to address school safety. A proactive approach requires both education authorities and educators to protect all learners� right to freedom and security and to act expeditiously to prevent them from any form of harm.

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