oa Journal of Management & Administration - An evaluation into the impact of fraud on corporate image of Transglobe Produce Export Limited

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1728-9157



Fraudulent practices are fundamental issues that need to be well managed in any organisation. The need for organisations to portray a good image to stakeholders is well documented and cannot be exaggerated. Organisations that allocate some resources towards fraud control reap enormous benefits through increased returns and good reputation. The aim of this study was to investigate how the fraudulent practices affect the image of Transglobe Produce Export (TPE) Limited (Ltd). The study is largely based on extensive literature review and field surveys conducted among employees and clients of the organisation and the researcher's own personal experience as an employee of the organisation.

The methodology used was based on quantitative research using questionnaires and random sampling. The critical findings from the literature were that fraud exists in almost all organisations perpetrated by both employees and non-employees. Some of the causes of fraud include inadequate operating systems and procedures, no proper segmentation of duties among employees, and there is no clear indication of code of conduct and work ethics. The study also highlighted some of the effects of fraud such as clients' dissatisfaction on services offered by the organisation, poor reputation. The findings make an invaluable contribution to the research to arrive at solutions to the challenges TPE Ltd face on fraud and corporate image. The findings provide insight for further research in investigating ways of addressing the effects of fraud on corporate image.

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