oa Journal of Management & Administration - An assessment of customer retention strategies at Just Chill Aircon and Refrigeration, Durban

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1728-9157



Customer retention is a strategy that a business can undertake in order to retain its customers. A business's ability to attract and retain new customers, is not only related to its product or services, but strongly related to the way it services its existing customers and the reputation it creates within and across the market place. Businesses that do not pay attention to customer maintenance may lose their customers to another brand that provides better service or a better product. Customer retention is more than giving the customer what they expect; it focuses on exceeding their expectations so that they become loyal advocates for the business brand. Customer retention has a direct impact on profitability; because it is a cost effective and profitable strategy for business survival; and future growth and development. This study assesses the customer retention strategies of Just Chill Aircon and Refrigeration (JCAR) in Durban.

The quantitative method to collect data was utilized. A closed-end questionnaire was designed using the Likert scale of rating. The target population identified for this study was the customers of the organisation under study. The total number of customers in the target population is 400 and 110 participants were selected to participate in the study. The findings revealed that 72.7% of respondents are still using the services of JCAR and 27.3% of respondents are no longer using their services. In addition, 18.2% of respondents strongly agree that prices are reasonable; 17.3% agree; 13.6% disagree and 50.9% of respondents strongly disagree that prices are reasonable compared to other suppliers of the same service.

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