n Journal of Strategic Studies : A Journal of the Southern Bureau of Strategic Studies Trust - Zimbabwe : the 11th Province of South Africa - from one form of domination to another : a horse and rider relationship

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2076-6645
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The study analyses the relationship between South Africa and Zimbabwe which dates back to early 1900. The research showed that these two countries have clued political and economic ties, with dependence of Zimbabwe on South Africa especially in the new millennium having been increased as a result of increased political turmoil and economic meltdown that Zimbabwe has been experiencing. All the existing evidence on the ground clearly show that Zimbabwe has been a de facto 11th Province of South Africa. The study identifies the four main pillars of Zimbabwe's dependence on South Africa which are political, trade, investment and employment. South African investments dominate and continue to grow in all sectors of the Zimbabwe economy especially mining, industry, agriculture, banking, retail sub-sectors; trade between the two countries is largely and increasingly in favour of South Africa; political developments in Zimbabwe both past and contemporary are largely guided by South Africa which is the main mediator of the political impasse bedeviling Zimbabwe's political situation and around three million Zimbabweans are currently living in South Africa, either as political or economic refuges. The study recommends that the dominance of South Africa over Zimbabwe should be gradually reduced in the areas of economic, labour, currency and political dimensions so that South Africa will respect Zimbabwe as an equal trading partner.

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