n Journal of Strategic Studies : A Journal of the Southern Bureau of Strategic Studies Trust - Impact of post crisis foreign trade policy on intra-regional trade and investment in SADC

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2076-6645
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This article investigates the nature of post global financial crisis trade and investment measures adopted and implemented by Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe with the intention of teasing out the potential impacts of such measures on intra-SADC trade and investment. The post crisis period understudy is from 2008 to 2011. The study found that all measures which were announced and/or implemented by Botswana were a hindrance to intra-SADC trade as they discourage imports from the region for government procurement. They also discourage procurement from locally registered entities which are not citizen owned. In the case of South Africa, measures which have been implemented by this country to limit the impact of the global financial crisis have resulted in mixed impacts on SADC intra-regional trade and investment. Some measures, especially those dealing with changes in export taxes and import duties have been very beneficial (or are likely to be beneficial) to SADC countries which export goods which are covered by the various import duty change measures. On the other hand, measures dealing with government procurement are a hindrance to intra-SADC trade as they discourage imports from the region for government procurement. Lastly, for Zimbabwe, most of the export/import duty changes measures which were implemented by Zimbabwe support regional integration of the SADC region, while measures of share ownership (although not yet fully implemented) have already set at motion a trend which discourages investment ventures by businesses from the SADC region.

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