n Journal of Strategic Studies : A Journal of the Southern Bureau of Strategic Studies Trust - The effectiveness of compulsory motor insurance in Zimbabwe

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2076-6645
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The research study on the effectiveness of compulsory motor liability insurance was inspired by the fact that most road accident victims go uncompensated after accidents. The Road Traffic Act (RTA) was put in place in most countries of the world including Zimbabwe in order to protect innocent victims of road accidents. RTA enforcement in Zimbabwe is structured in a manner that ensures that no one drives on Zimbabwean road without cover. So in theory, road accident victims must get the minimum payouts as prescribed by the Act should they sadly be involved in an accident. However, this is not always the case as most victims go uncompensated. Loopholes cause insurers to either escape responsibility or to have a situation where there is no cover at all. There is also a limit in what is recognized as losses that can be compensated by the Act. Even if the losses suffered by the victims are wide ranging, most policies only cover death and injury. Most drivers do not realize that the insurance they are required to buy is meant to cover road accident victims who suffer at their hands. Motorists are generally of the view that compulsory motor liability insurance is a form of tax. Without the knowledge that the Act actually provides cover for third party liabilities, it is no wonder the drivers of these vehicles end up not following the required procedures after accidents in efforts to try and dodge paying the victims. The research wraps up the paper with looking at the recommendations to the relevant authorities on how to make CMI more effective. However, further research should be done on fare paying passengers who in most cases do not get any compensation after accidents.

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