n Stockfarm - Land ownership remains a sensitive subject - editor's note

Volume 7 Number 4
  • ISSN : 2221-7304



The saying, ‘Practise what you preach’ means that a person should do what he intended to do – which often is more difficult in practice than it seems. We approach Stockfarm’s content strategically and always handle topics that not only are relevant to our readers, but are necessary for the development of a stable agricultural environment, in a responsible manner. This means that we sometimes have to write about unpopular or sensitive topics. One such topic is land, land reform, land ownership and the future of productive agricultural land. It has never been Stockfarm’s objective to talk politics, and after seven years of avoiding landmines and potholes, I think we can now put that feather in our cap. But how does one talk about land without touching on politics? And we must talk about this issue, because without land it is impossible to farm.

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