n Stockfarm - Outsource your labour risk - industry issues

Volume 7 Number 4
  • ISSN : 2221-7304



Employers have to manage business risks daily to ensure profitability and sustainability. Compliance with labour legislation is non-negotiable, and non-compliance poses a major risk for the employer. Restrictive labour regulations have been highlighted by businessmen as one of the most challenging aspects of doing business in South Africa. It is important to take into account the role of labour in the workplace and to realise that legislation can be used to the advantage of the employer. The modern trend among business owners, regardless of the size of the institution, is to focus on core activities and to outsource other activities not regarded as such, such as security, tax, transport, marketing, a cafeteria on the premises, etc. Compliance with labour legislation requires specialist expertise. It is therefore recommended that employers also outsource their labour risks to experts who can offer guidance where necessary, thus limiting legal liability. By doing so, the agricultural employer can concentrate on his/her primary business, namely agriculture.

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