n Stockfarm - French Charolais thrive in Namibia - on the farm

Volume 7 Number 4
  • ISSN : 2221-7304



The semen of purposefully selected French Charolais bulls, is used in a carefully planned breeding programme in Namibia to breed adapted animals that excel and which are sought-after in cross-breeding systems, a popular practice in making the country’s beef production more profitable. Early in his farming career, Johann Britz realised that he would have to put more meat on his Brahman weaner calves if he wanted to be sustainable. He used a Charolais bull in a cross-breeding system and was so impressed with the results, that he established a stud. He could not find bulls in Southern Africa that met his requirements, and turned to sires in France for semen for an artificial insemination (AI) programme. “The French connection led to a huge breakthrough to my farming enterprise, and today I have Charolais cattle with outstanding performance and wonderful results in my commercial herd,” Johann says.

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