n AFMA Matrix - Inflammation : understanding the impact on swine reproductive performance - feed science

Volume 26 Number 3
  • ISSN : 1236-3456
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Lameness has been linked to a significant decrease in sow productivity. It is also known to increase the odds of early removal from the herd (Anil et al., 2008). When sows are culled at a younger age, it is more often than not for this specific reason. The early age of removal has a negative impact on litter size, piglet survival and may increase the disruption of herd health status. Anil et al. (2009a) conducted a cohort study to examine the relationship between lameness and its effects on reproductive performance and sow longevity. The results of the study showed that lame sows had litters of smaller sizes along with a smaller number of pigs born alive (Table 1). Additionally, sows had a lower rate of survival 350 days after reports of lameness and spent fewer days in the herd. Clearly, the study revealed the significant differences between lame and non-lame sows in survivability. Sow longevity was also affected by parity and farrowing performance.

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