n Stockfarm - Obsession comes at a price - editor's note

Volume 7 Number 7
  • ISSN : 2221-7304



There are those who believe that South Africa’s political problems are a result of our obsession with race. In Stockfarm, however, we do not talk politics, especially not national politics. Therefore, I will not elaborate on this statement. What I can however say, is that in much the same way, this certainly rings true for some breeds in our beef industry. We are obsessed with breeds and tend to focus on specific traits, while our focus should actually be on profitable beef production and how it is affected by these traits. Everyone accepts that the downfall of the former version of our  Afrikaner cattle was due to constant selection for head and horns. The fact is that variations thereof are still being applied by societies. Aspects such as dual purpose, type, size, colour and bringing in polled breeds are still under discussion.

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