n Farmer’s Weekly - The three things black farmers need - from the editor

Volume 2017 Number 17030
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



There is something about the utter absurdity of watching President Jacob Zuma stand in front of an audience of honest, hard-working South Africans, saying things like, “Funds that are allocated for public services must be used for public services and nothing else”, and “Nobody is above the law in our country” that deepens the frown lines on my forehead and causes me to exhale uneasily. Speaking at the gala dinner of the African Farmers’ Association of South Africa’s (AFASA) recent conference in Johannesburg, Zuma stood behind the podium, saying all the right things. “We do not want to destroy commercial agriculture. We fully support all our farmers, black, white, commercial and emerging,” and more in the same line.

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