n Farmer’s Weekly - Lamb prices trade near a record R75/kg - commodity corner

Volume 2017 Number 17030
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



Lamb and mutton prices have continued to show steady increases, with an upward trend in recent weeks across the classes. During the same period, maize prices have been on a downward trend. High meat prices with lower maize prices are good for the industry. Feeder lamb prices have also shown strength over the past few months, but have not increased as much as meat prices. If feeder lamb prices (input) increase more than sheep meat prices (output), the industry’s profit margins would come under pressure. As at July 2017, the national average lamb prices were trading at around R75/ kg, the highest on record. Prices have been following an upward trend since December 2016, and showed strong gains at the end of May. The rebuilding of herds has supported these increases. The rainfall after the drought boosted pasture recovery, further supporting livestock prices.

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