n Farmer’s Weekly - Game & small-stock : different management, the same care

Volume 2017 Number 17030
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



Emilize Vögel, farm manager of Wagondrift Farming, believes in managing animals so that losses are minimised, and her initiation into breeding sable antelope certainly attests to this philosophy. While transporting Wagondrift’s first group of sable antelope to the farm, Langveld, in the Steytlerville district in the south-eastern Karoo, she was forced to spend the night in a small town waiting out a heavy storm. The situation was tricky. Although she dared not risk losing the valuable cargo on the muddy 16km road out to the farm, she also did not want to leave the animals unguarded. Undaunted, she simply parked the truck in a quiet side street, grabbed a blanket and pillow, and curled up on the front seat until sunrise.

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