Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR)

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Single country reports are sold separately and available for purchase online at $40.00 per country.

Click here to subscribe to the full benchmark report. This report is available for subscription at $1000.00 (African and international institutions) or R13 000.00 (SA only)

Which are the politically stable countries in Africa, and conversely, the chaotic ‘failed states’? Which African economies are performing well, or poorly? Which nations provide the finest standard of living for their peoples, and which consign their populations to ill-health, misery, bloodshed and tyranny?

The Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) creates a holistic picture from the sum of pieces. The tiles of this mosaic are provided by key indices that regularly rank and score African countries, based on specific criteria. In the ACBR, these indices have informed an overarching and holistic analysis of African country performance, divided into four focus areas or quadrants:

  1. Politics
  2. Economy
  3. Business
  4. Society

Sometimes, an individual index can mislead as to a nation’s true situation. Throughout the continent, widespread economic and social inequities have ensured that a majority of Africans are left out of economic advances in their countries. A business or economic index might portray a country as doing well because of its trade in natural resources.

However, a societal index would reflect the poor education, dire finances and ill health of the country’s majority whose share of natural resources or trade schemes are not enjoyed by them but are hoarded by a kleptocratic government. Some indices are bellwethers. If freedom of the press is stifled anywhere in Africa, this usually signals wider political trouble – often with economic and social consequences.

However, this assumption can only be tested by referencing other societal, economic and political indices. Only by considering all measures of a country can an accurate overall picture be obtained, which is what the ACBR accomplishes.

ISBN: 978-0-620-77047-7

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