n Journal of Public Administration - Using formal assessment methodologies to ensure a sustainable pool of managers

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Human resource development is an important function contributing to a country's growth potential. During periods of transformation, organizations are in particular need of an adequate supply of leaders and managers. In order to ensure the constant supply of qualified and experienced individuals with leadership and management skills, organizations design their own development interventions to suit their needs. Creating a sustainable pool of qualified and experienced managers will facilitate the achievement of equitable representation of designated groups in middle and senior management echelons.

The creation of a sustainable pool of managers has to be guided by an objective assessment of current available management and leadership skills versus future requirements. This assessment should be based on a competency framework, ensuring the effective determination of real needs.
The paper suggests that formalized assessment not only contributes to a more objective evaluation of development programmes, but also will ensure appropriate placement of employees in critical managerial and leadership positions. Creating a pool of sustainable managers would enable the public service to fill their key senior positions with internal employees instead of having to buy external skills. Specific realities will impact of the research including :
  • legislative reality impacting on employee composition and profile
  • ability of public service to retain qualified employees
  • integration of a 'sustainable pools policy' with the human resource function

The paper will investigate the applicability of the proposed policy framework for management development, while focusing on the applicability of formal assessment methodologies to ensure sustainable pools of managers.

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