n Journal of Public Administration - Leadership management : an anatomy of salad within a dish in the organizational context

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The discussion on leadership and management presented in this paper highlight the complementary and contradictory associations of competencies associated with these terms. Contradictory, the concepts are dichotomized to point out their distinctiveness in relation to activities, skills and applications. The concept leadership management has been coined to signify their complementary relationships and a mixture of respective competencies like salads within a dish, but in an organizational context. It is contended that when the activities, the manner of applying skills associated with each term are sorted; the concoction of different aspects forms a "salad" of some kind. The Emmanditsh Comprehensive Leadership and Management Model is designed to demonstrate the convergence "saladish" point. The model is more integrative than comprehensive in that the activities and the applications of skills are contended to be more incorporated from an integrated point of view. The dichotomisation of activities associated with leadership and management has been argued from the isolationist and disintegration context and from its somewhat distinctiveness.

The integrated leadership management model signals a shift from traditional approaches of managing and leading. The contemporary approach is influenced by active interaction between managers and leaders, and sharing of skills and applications within organizations. The traditional approaches to leading and managing are by no means obsolete. What is traditional, are the approaches and not necessarily the organizations. Traditional approaches may be used in contemporary organization and still produce expected results. In the same breath, the contemporary approach may achieve expected results in traditional organizations. The emergence of a contemporary approach in a particular context is determined by the maturity level of the organization and the wide spread of skills, human resources acquired over time. Leadership management is therefore contended to be a mixture of respective traditional approaches associated with each term, thereby contributing to the contended anatomy of salads within a dish, in an organizational context.

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