n Journal of Public Administration - Conflict of interest in South Africa : unravelling the revolving door

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



This paper was triggered by the concerns raised about the partnerships between public / public and public / private partnerships, which attract potential conflict of interest. In most cases, it becomes a problem rather than a solution to service delivery due to a revolving door problem. To say the least, the government is weakened by this problem instead of being strengthened. The issue of the revolving door is not a South African problem only, but also other international countries. The United Stated of America could also be cited here to unravel the issue of the revolving door. Selected case studies of this issue are identified and interrogated in this paper.

There are some dynamics involved and debates by scholars about conflict of interest as informed by the revolving door, whether to close the revolving door tight (as the new legislation which was passed to limit the public servants from entering into contract with the government through their corporations / companies promotes) or to leave it under partial control is an issue which this paper interrogates. The paper encourages the government and its service partners to come up with the best strategy or consultancy policies, guidelines and practices to curb and / or ease the ethical tension between the public and private interest informed by the revolving door.

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