n Journal of Public Administration - Research in Public Administration and Management. A view on pragmatic research undertakings

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Research in Public Administration requires a pragmatic approach in an attempt to address epistemological, methodological and discipline-oriented problems. This paper argues for a philosophy of Public Administration to provide basic values needed if we are to address some of these problems, and meet the challenges of organizational renewal, change and technology. Philosophy (of common sense) is treated in this paper as a practical issue, both in the training and performance of public managers. As a process it encompasses the notion of recognition, doubt, critical reasoning, the element of human inquiry and research output.

From a scholarly perspective the need to improve research undertakings in Public Administration cannot be ignored. Alternative methods of knowledge creation and research initiative(s) should be encouraged. In addition to painting a practical picture of conducting research in Public Administration, problems associated with this endeavour are highlighted. The role of the researcher and his or her obligations are also discussed. These obligations are divided into functional areas and specific functions that researchers in Public Administration should consider.

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