n Journal of Public Administration - Professional migrancy in South Africa's civil service : preliminary reflections on ethical issues

Volume 36, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The constitutional and political developments in post 1994 South Africa created opportunities for middle class professional and skilled personnel with reference to career pursuits. This is more so particularly for women and black skilled employees. This may have brought in unintended and unforeseen consequences. Many families of professional personnel no longer live together. Hence a 'new class' of migrant labour has emerged.

The paper discusses the origin or causes of this migrancy. It looks at the potential impact of this migrancy on productivity and service delivery. Part of the major problem centres around conflicting and divided loyalty. The paper presents, through case studies, issues and scenarios which impact negatively on one's performance as result of the separation of families. The paper looks at the results collated from a research on 'migrant' civil servants in the Free State. It is recommended that a relook be taken at the policies to see if the economy could not be re-organised to allow more families to live together.

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