n Journal of Public Administration - In pursuit of improved public management education and training in an electronic environment

Volume 36, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The South African Constitutional imperative of utilising the public service to drive the transformation of South African society places high demands on public service personnel; implying a need for urgent management training. The White Paper on the Transformation of the Public Service (South Africa 1995) recognises this dire need for relevant training, placing it against the backdrop of past discriminatory education and training practices and the requirements resulting from global changes and challenges.

The stated requirements, coupled with changes in the education market globally, have forced higher education institutions to review and rethink their educational strategies, resulting, inter alia, in the transformation of training and education, including the utilisation of new innovations and opportunities in education.
This paper seeks to explore the initiatives taken by Pretoria Technikon, South Africa, in response to the training needs in the South African public service. It explains how a new educational strategy - Telematic Education; a flexible educational strategy that emphasises the innovative application of Information and Communication Technologies - is being implemented as one of the strategic initiatives to accommodate the increasing and diverse needs for public service management education and training in South Africa.

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