n Journal of Public Administration - Strategies for diversity management

Volume 36, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The diversity management approach is essential for all public institutions in functioning effectively within the diverse local, national and international environments. It is important that management knows the environment within which they are making such an application in order to be able to apply the correct strategy or combination of strategies in the correct circumstances and at the right time, that is, a contingency approach.

As a result of the greater awareness of and insistence on the employment of employees from various cultural groups, the acknowledgement of gender equality and the reality of various age groups, the corps of employees reflect greater diversity than a decade or two ago. Employees from diverse environments with divergent abilities are able to satisfy the various needs of clients more effectively, thereby gaining legitimacy.
On the basis of research it seems that the creation of a mission, creative leadership, the predisposition and involvement of senior management, the attainment of objectives, communication, the creation of positive diverse interaction and partnerships are clear indicators of a goal-orientated diversity management.

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