n Journal of Public Administration - Comments on the Viewpoint of F.D. Deacon : "Civil Governance of South Africa's territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf : a provincial perspective"

Volume 37, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Before commenting on the viewpoints of the writer, it is necessary to once again consider the past trends and the future scenarios. At a first glance, reading the title, one is inclined to think "not another institution in an already bloated public service". However, in the abstract and the introduction the writer highlights the problems of coastal states set by factors such as globalization and the rapidly advancing marine technology necessitating such a step. These factors contribute to increasing exploration and exploitation of the sea. This situation calls for action by the authorities of the coastal states to address the matter of governing their adjoining seas. The writer argues that the Republic of South Africa (South Africa), a coastal state with offshore possessions has jurisdiction over vast areas of ocean and suggests a provincial type of government to govern the ocean adjacent to the South African mainland and the offshore islands.

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