n Journal of Public Administration - The communal nature reserves : a concern for development in Limpopo province

Volume 38, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Communal nature reserves in Limpopo province are characterised by a history of negligence by their authorities. Most of them are still, despite changes of government that have taken place after 1994, characterised by poor infrastructure development. Buildings are dilapidated and some significant facilities are dysfunctional. There are no signs of communal nature reserves generating revenue and benefiting both the community and the Provincial government.

The ignorance by the authorities concerned by disregarding the positive economic impact that communal reserves will have in the Limpopo province makes the communal reserves a heavy burden on the Limpopo government in terms of financial responsibilities. The Limpopo government has a responsibility to maintain the unproductive services in communal reserves, to allocate budgets and resources and to maintain the salaries of personnel in those reserves. This is despite the theory that if well managed or governed communal reserves may release the Limpopo government off financial responsibilities. The communal reserves will be able to attract tourists and generate sufficient income to sustain themselves financially. The Community within the proximity of the nature reserves will be able to enjoy the benefits by sharing in resources and services.
This discussion limits its relevance to the governance of nature reserves in Limpopo, the economic impact of nature reserves in the province and offer probable solutions.

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