n Journal of Public Administration - Lekgotla. The Art of Leadership through Dialogue, Willem H.J. de Liefde : book review

Volume 39, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



(assembly, dialogue) seems to fit into the debate on local management strategies that has been going on in South Africa over the past ten years. Authors like Christie, Lessem and Mbigi (Christie 1996, Lessem & Nussbaum 1996, Lessem & Mbigi 1994, Mbigi & Maree 1995, Mbigi 1997, Mbigi 2000) have published about 'African Management' and 'African Business Renaissance', whereas Koopman has written about 'transcultural management' (Koopman 1991). In these works, the authors refer to specific positive elements from 'African culture' and to traditions from African precolonial society, which fit into the popular image of collectivism. Communal meetings in an open atmosphere, where there is room for everyone to make his or her point, with the chief hearing the different points of view and then deciding on that basis, seems to be an important characteristic of the way traditional African culture is depictured in De Liefde's book. The phenomenon of is considered crucial to this idea of .

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