n Journal of Public Administration - Contextualizing the guidelines of public administration within the selected African community values

Volume 39, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The article contextualizes the guidelines of public administration within selected African community values. The fact that it is the guidelines that are contextualized and not values within the guideline is fundamental to the delimitation and the articulation of the identified problem. Importantly, it is the cultural value aspects that inform the guidelines and not . The article is on the African values in that there could be other values that are not necessarily referred to in this work. The selection of the values in question is not based on the assumption that they are of the first class importance in relation to those that are not a point of reference, rather they are selected to circumscribe and locate this inquiry relevantly and appropriately. The article provides conceptual demonstrable evidence pertaining the African cultures and values, and navigates the contextual formulation of the guidelines to be observed while public officials interact with the African communities. The interaction and provision of meanings, contextual relevant to the topic provide terminological precision. The Emmanditsh Culture Value Guideline Model substantiates the enhanced argument specifically in terms of the African cultures and values. The model can be applied in generic terms to pursue the formulation of guidelines appropriate to the cultures of other non-African population groupings. The cultures and values of a specific community are core considerations while the guidelines are peripheral and dependent on the acceptable belief system of the members of the community. These cultural value aspects that are for discussion are namely : ubuntu, collectivism, traditionalism and specifically oral tradition as well as spiritualism. The discussion on these aspects is enhanced as perceived through the African eyes of the mind.

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