n Journal of Public Administration - Human resource management of diversity in the public sector : addressing challenges of inequality and exclusions

Volume 39, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The subject of this inquiry is human resource management with specific reference to diversity in the public sector and the consequent challenges of inequality and exclusions which need to be addressed. The emphasis is on people or human resources, the contention being that personnel administration ignores the human face of the workplace by concentrating on systems and procedures. Diversity in the workplace is recognized when the worldviews the workforce subscribes to, are identified. Recognition of the worldviews is valuable and is a resource in the public sector. The Emmanditsh dimensional model of diversity outlines the levels, namely; personal, interpersonal, cultural and interpersonal where variations exist. This model articulates the primary and secondary dimensions of diversity. It is concluded that human resource management strategies and applications are useful in diversity management. The conceptualization of the corporate cultures requires strategies to create viable cultures that incorporate values of humanity based on its workforce. The diagnostic and determinative approach to the functionality and dysfunctionality of conflict is fundamental in a human resource management environment. Contrary to the traditional view that appreciation is the first step towards diversity management, the approach which utilizes the farming of knowledge provides new and interesting perspectives.

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