n Journal of Public Administration - Applying the Public Service Anti-Corruption Strategy in pursuit of accountable South African public administration

Volume 40, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Although corruption is a global phenomenon, it is especially in developing countries where it manifests itself unchecked. Whereas developed countries have more advanced market systems, deep rooted administrative and political institutions and extensive press freedom, developing countries are generally characterised by an absence of liberal democratic institutions, free press, citizens' rights and market forces. A number of causes of corrupt behaviour can be listed, such as, excessive discretion, outdated and inadequate policies and procedures, insufficient supervision, deficient control and accountability, and lack of ethical awareness. Various remedies to curb corrupt activities exist, , education in ethics and training of public officials and political office-bearers, codes of conduct and codes of ethics, and constitutional mechanisms such as the Auditor-General, Public Protector and Public Service Commission. In 2002 the South African Government, in an attempt to combat and prevent corruption, accepted the . This strategy includes plans to increase the institutional capacity of government departments to prevent and combat corruption, train and educate public officials and political office-bearers, and increase the ethical awareness of the public. In this article, the results of an audit of the anti-corruption capabilities of government departments, as well as an ethics survey, determining the extent to which ethics is integrated into day-to-day activities of government departments, are evaluated. These results indicate the need to apply the considerations of the rigorously.

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