n Journal of Public Administration - Measuring customer and employee satisfaction and business excellence in local government green industries

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Various measurement instruments are available in assessing customer satisfaction and business excellence in the private and government sectors. The paper focuses on :

  • Business excellence measurement (South African Excellence Model);
  • Customer satisfaction measurement (SERVQUAL questionnaire), and
  • Employee satisfaction measurement (Minnesota Job Satisfaction questionnaire).
The use of the measuring instruments are illustrated in terms of their application within local government by means of a South African Local Government green industries organisation selected for this purpose and referred to as the "Selected Organisation."
Although the South African business excellence model was used only to get a "snap shot" of the organization very valuable results, specifically in relation to customer and employee satisfaction, were obtained. The SERVQUAL instrument was used to measure customer satisfaction and consisted of three sets of the same twenty two questions. The first set of statements measures the customer expectations in terms of what level of services is expected, the second set of twenty two statements measures the respondent's perception of the perceived level of service and the third set of questions addresses what minimum level of service would be acceptable. The survey targeted three main customer group categories, namely, the "Selected Organisation's" regions, the councillors and the ratepayers associations. In terms of employee satisfaction the Minnesota job satisfaction questionnaire, short form, consisting of 20 questions and focusing on intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcement factors of employee attitude, has been applied. The questionnaire consists of a Likert-type scale with five response alternatives. Demographic variables have been examined to determine their effects on the overall level of job satisfaction as well as satisfaction with various aspects of the job experienced by staff.

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