n Journal of Public Administration - Local government and local government elections : bridging the private and public lives of women and men

Special issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The Commission on Gender Equality is mandated to hold government accountable to the commitments it has made to promote gender equality in terms of policy, legislation and implementation, to evaluate the effectiveness of gender policies and make recommendations on improvements and changes. An overview of the activities of the Commission of Gender Equality over a period of years illustrates how the comprehensive manner in which the CGE executes its mandate by, on the one hand, engaging with local authorities and building capacity, and on the other hand by monitoring whether service delivery and policy implementation on local government sphere are geared toward addressing gender imbalances, and evaluating the priorities set by local government in relation to addressing the gendered needs of women and men. The overview also illuminates challenges with regard to gender planning and gender responsive programming on a local government sphere.

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