n Journal of Public Administration - The process of military leadership development for Africa : a theoretical discussion

Volume 41, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Throughout history military leaders contemplated over what the most effective form of military leadership should be. The modern environment in which military leaders should operate effectively are characterise as complex, dynamic, culturally diverse and technologically challenged. It is virtually impossible to develop military leaders through only one leadership model to comply with the above-mentioned expectations. Therefore this article discusses military leadership development as a process for Africa.

The article discusses a process through which military leaders are first develop as superleaders that enable them to work with the subordinates, realise and cultivate their potential. It secondly aims at sensitising military leaders towards the different situations within which operations take place, the level of knowledge and preparedness of followers and the challenges associated with operations on the tactical to a joint operational level. The development of the strategic ability of future leaders is a given. Transformational leadership facilitates this ability, especially in circumstances where change should be managed. During phase four the emphasis is on the existing expectation that top level military leaders of Africa should contribute to the transformation of a continent, scourged by war, imbued by AK-47s and landmines, into a developing continent that will be able to provide products and services to the rest of the world.

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