n Journal of Public Administration - Integrated performance management : the evolving South African management model

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The South African public sector has gradually introduced a comprehensive performance management system since the publication of the Report to former President Nelson Mandela in 1998 as its micro management framework. This system is based on the application of two distinct, yet mutually dependent management techniques, . strategic planning and performance management. Strategic planning allows for an institution to set its strategic direction based on an analysis of the conditions and needs in the external management environment, matched with institutional capacity. Performance management then provides the management applications to enable the institution to arrange its structures, organisational set-up, institutional systems and management processes around the strategic direction determined during the strategic planning phase of the integrated process.

The management framework that gradually took shape following the recommendations of the Presidential Review Commission is still unfolding, as functional areas of management competencies, such as public finances, human resources management and development and the supply chain management framework are transformed to bring it in line with the integrated performance management system.
Given the above-mentioned introduction, the aim of this article will be to explain the unfolding integrated performance management system contained in legislation, regulation and policies issued to guide the implementation of the system.

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