n Journal of Public Administration - E-government as an alternate service delivery strategy

Volume 42, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



E-Government has become a buzz word in public service delivery as it is viewed as an alternate service delivery strategy in a post-democratic South Africa. The President has stressed the need for creativity in bridging the gap between the services provided, and the community whom we are called to serve. In a world of interconnectedness, citizens are now able to regularly interface with public institutions, in an attempt to bring services closer to the people. The spirit of e-government is an attempt to accelerate the philosophy of Batho Pele. The past decade of reform in South Africa has been characterised by three critical focal points of delivery i.e.: Government-to-Government, Government-to-Business and Government-to-Citizens, through enhanced, cost-effective and efficient delivery of services and transfer of knowledge. The establishment of multi-purpose community centres (MPCCs) are gaining popularity as one-stop agencies to accelerate delivery. Whilst concomitant efforts are in place to reinforce e-governance, there are several challenges in managing service delivery within the technological age. Some of the more pertinent challenges include , transparency versus privacy rights, bridging the digital divide, the expense of infrastructure and maintenance, global impacts and accessibility. This article examines the benefits of e-government in service delivery against the backdrop of impoverished communities and the digital divide. Furthermore, the notion of multi-purpose community centres will be explored as a vehicle for enhancing service delivery and serve as a catalyst in the information era. The highlight of this article culminates in a pragmatic model to incorporate e-governance as an innovative service delivery strategy.

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