n Journal of Public Administration - Embracing e-government : in search of accountable and efficient governance objectives that improve service delivery in the South African health sector

Volume 42, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The South African health care market must respond to changing demands that occur due to globalisation, rising customer expectations and growing fiscal demands if it wants to meet future needs of service delivery. Added to these challenges, government has to increase public trust and install confidence towards a health care system that must change to become more productive and effective. Health care reforms are about improving performance. The main drivers for creating change in performance are linked to good governance objectives that search for accountability, responsiveness and responsibility in pursuit of efficiency gains (cost containment) and effective delivery of services (improved accessibility and equality) in health policy outcomes. This article explores future prospects for the contribution e-government (online government and electronic government technologies) makes to policy outcomes and how the use of information communication technologies generate improved of services. Drawing on the practical experiences of a multinational company, the author deals with the value that partnerships and collaborations bring to public and private health care sectors. The biggest challenge faced by government in implementing e-government, is the need for a seamless approach to serve customers. A seamless approach implies a common vision and delivery strategy, organisational change, co-operation and collaboration between partners and interacting networks. Conclusions are drawn from case studies where collaborative relationships between government and the private sector exists and contribute to the embracement of e-government through government structures that increase access, choice, citizen engagement, as well as privacy and security.

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