n Journal of Public Administration - Rationality, disjointed incrementalism and mix scanning theories for decision-making on globalisation

Volume 42, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Since the early 90's, has become a universal slogan in almost all aspects of human endeavours ranging from politics, commerce, economy and public governance. Globalisation has given countries and regions of the world opportunities to play a role on the world stage. This has placed a major demand on the local, national and regional public policy decision-making processes. In response to these demands, there is a need to establish linkages between some major public policy decision-making theories in managing the globalisation process. As different management paradigms are applied in every decision made in the public and private sector institutions, the public policy decision-making theories being considered in this article range from comprehensive rationality, disjointed incrementalism to mixed scanning. Each of these theories represents an explanation of or to be the best method of policy decision-making in managing globalisation. As public policy decision-making at all levels of government do not operate in a vacuum, the article encourages policy-makers and scholars alike to always look at the in their efforts towards determining appropriate delivery strategies that could have a positive impact on policy decision-making in the present globalisation era.

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