n Journal of Public Administration - Legislative, policy and institutional measures for promoting administrative justice in South Africa

Volume 43, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The enactment of the [hereafter referred to as the Constitution] concretised the foundations for shattering the apartheid paradigm of oppressive, suppressive, unaccountable and unjust political, social and public administrative systems and practices. The constitutionally mandated , 2000 (Act 3 of 2000) and the constitutionally embedded right to just administrative action cemented a paradigm designed for a dignified, democratic, fair and accountable, as well as, a non-racist and non-sexist approach to the exercise of public power. Support and implementation of these mandates are provided by the people-first policy explained in the as well as the as a judicial institution. Regular administrative justice summits enabled by the political will of state and non-state actors could add value to the role of existing legislative, policy and institutional measures.

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