n Journal of Public Administration - The leadership and ethics interface : strengthening human resources and organisational capacity for development

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Leadership and ethics are concepts which are seen as important factors in human resources and organisational capacity in a developmental state. Leadership is necessary within the context of decision making and organisational performance whilst ethics refers to the particular conduct of those within organizations who are responsible for decision making. Recent examples of corruption, and less than exemplary conduct by South African public officials presented the vexed question as to how problems in this regard may be addressed.

This article attempts to lend perspective to the leadership and ethics interface. Aspects relating to the establishment of an ethical framework and anti corruption strategy for government are briefly described and mention is made of the leadership aspects associated with good governance. To exemplify the above, two cases of organisations and measures taken by such organisations within the context of policy and the regulatory framework are cited.

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