n Journal of Public Administration - Utilising available resources : a community development view to make local government work

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The objectives of local government in South Africa, as outlined in the , 1996 and amplified in the , clearly delineate a mandate of local government steeped in a developmental and people centred paradigm. Following the publication of the , supportive legislation have been promulgated to enable the functioning of local government institutions to promote economic, social and political development. The legislation include the core principles, mechanisms and processes that are necessary to enable local government to move progressively towards realising its objectives. Municipalities are expected to operate in an environment of constrained resource endowments and expenditure cutbacks. They are faced with increasing (local and global) pressure to deliver services of high standards designed to attract investment and boost their financial resources - a matter that strains their relationship with the citizenry.

This paper, , examines the policy tensions within which South Africa's local government operates. , it critically analyses the resource capabilities of municipalities which have a bearing on their mandate. , the paper argues for a community development approach to effect the operation and relevance of the local government institution for the poor and, in this way, enhance state capacity to make local government work.

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